The Team
DARREN COYLE BIO, Writer / Director Darren Coyle is a television producer and independent filmmaker. Originally from Connecticut, Darren attended Connecticut College. After college he moved to New York City, then Washington, D.C. and now he and his wife live in Los Angeles. In addition to the numerous hours of television he has produced and directed, Darren has used his spare time to write and direct many independent film projects, including his latest short film “Downward Dog,” starring none other than Kassie Thornton. It has been nominated for a number of awards at various festivals, as well as won the award for “Best Actress” for Kassie in the 2016 Oregon Short Film Festival.
Kassie Thornton, Producer / Lead "Darcy" Kassie Thornton is an actress, producer, and director who grew up on a farm in southeast Kansas in a tiny town of 500 people. She came to California on a theatre scholarship to Cal State Long Beach after she googled “beach colleges.” After college, she moved to New York City where she directed and produced television for 7 years. However, Kassie knew she wanted to be in front of the camera instead so she moved back to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of acting. Kassie has studied and performed with The Groundlings and UCB in LA and NYC, IO West, was taught by the legendary Wynn Handman in his master class, and now currently studies at AMAW. As a stand-up comic, Kassie has made appearances at The World Famous Comedy Store's Main Stage, Flappers, and the Ice House in Pasadena. Kassie has appeared in various TV shows such as NBC’s “About a Boy” and “Bad Judge.” She is repped across the board with KMR for Theatrical, Commercial, and Voiceover. She hopes this project inspires people to be open to connecting to other people for friendship or love. Visit Kassie’s website:
TREVOR PENICK, Lead "Jack" Trevor Penick is an actor/entertainer from Rancho Cucamonga California. Trevor is most known for his early 2000’s success with the boy band O-town (which he is currently touring). Trevor studied acting in college at Cal State University, Fullerton, for 3 years and at the John Kirby Studio for the last 10 years, “Chasing Sunshine” is his first lead role in an independent feature but he has also been in “Killing Lazarus” (2015) where he played the Dad role and was the male lead in the short film “Inverse” (2014).
Erich Hover, Producer A Nebraska Native. An Actor and Producer. Erich’s first movie break came acting alongside Brad Bitt & Philip Seymour Hoffman in “Moneyball.” Hover has spent the last ten years acting in various films, networking with the producers, directors and actors and has a keen eye on what it takes to create a successful movie. Most importantly, Erich’s passion towards philanthropic filmmaking can provide innovative options for film investors and donors, as well as create unique approaches for completing projects. Erich recently raised the financing for and produced, the feature film”It Snows all the Time”, A true story about his family and his father’s battle with early onset dementia. The film is set for release next year.
Chad Bishoff, Producer Since 2002, Chad Bishoff has cultivated a broad spectrum of experience in exploring the genres of TV, film, documentary, music video, and television programs. Recent projects have included a pilot for a TV reality show about a travel industry expert who escorts novice international travelers on backpacking expeditions outside of the United States. A tourism documentary he produced about two Perus – the South American nation and the town of Peru, Nebraska which went globally viral almost instantaneously, achieving just under a half million hits in 72 hours. Bishoff has produced 2 feature films, a feature-length comedy titled Vino Veritas with cast and crew members coming from such shows as HBO’s True Blood and the classic TV series Law and Order and the feel-good drama It Snows All the Time with cast coming from hit shows as Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Night Rises and Disney’s Melissa and Joey. Bishoff has overseen hundreds of commercial campaigns during his career as a Producer and Unit Production Manager.
Music by... FIREDRILL! Firedrill! was founded by 7 former Hyannis Sound members during the cold blustery winter of 2004-2005 in Boston, MA. Since that time the group has undergone several transformations, put out a buzzworthy EP, released a CARA-award-winning album, taught workshops and led master classes at numerous a cappella festivals (like SoJam and N.E. Voices), and performed for many great audiences around the country. Firedrill!'s focus is on the music. We strive to entertain with the strength of our voices and arrangements, which is a good thing because none of us can dance, and if Nate tries to make "jazz hands," he spontaneously dislocates both of his thumbs.

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